All New!   Amazing Transformational Parties! 

New and Exciting!  Learn amazing insights to pave the way to ongoing bliss throughout an entire lifetime.  Each guest will feel special joining the bride-to-be in generating an ever-expanding creative attitude about sexual ecstasy. We'll party in a playful, sexy, fun environment as we discover the six crystal pillars that create the foundation for a life of ecstasy. What makes a man worship your heart? What does it look like to be totally uninhibited and free, creative and flexible with sexuality whether with a partner or single? Reveal the ecstasy explorer inside that is longing to break free. Meet your authentic sexual self, and create your life of growing bliss that never stops. Are we ready to go far beyond what most of our parents experienced? We will need some information from a society that has not been known to share its sexual wisdom! Here is where we start! We will be setting  the stage to make deepening connection and lifelong sexual intimacy a reality!

Ongoing Support: Brides of Ecstasy will be there for you and your friends to provide ongoing support for the development of pleasure and bliss, helping you to expand on what you learned. We all want a lifetime of juiciness, heart connection, and massive aliveness.  Videos and articles will soon be added to inspire your creativity and ability to become more ecstatic and deeply satisfied. We are all part of a whole new conversation about sex, ecstasy, and all-out aliveness!    

Embodying your Authentic Sexuality is the Greatest Gift!

Have Your Heart Cherished Forever! 

Celebrate Sex !

Create a Foundation for Pleasure & Bliss!

Hi! I'm Kari Star, the creator of Brides of Ecstasy. I  will lead your party with joy, wisdom, and laughter, as I guide your friends in fun, games, and unique leading-edge sexual discovery. You can count on me to make the party great - guaranteed!

"When Kari taught our group about the energy flow of a man and a woman, I was shocked, as were several of the other women. I coiuldn't wait to get home that night and show my boyfriend what Kari taught us.  He couldn't stop smiling when he witnessed the new me she brought out! He'd been waiting all his life for what Kari taught us!" S.C.

"I met Kari Star during her first Brides of Ecstasy party, and it changed my life. It is a gradual process, but I now embody my own unique sexuality fully and am creating ecstasy in my life. I know how to teach men to give me the heart connection I need. I don't know where I'd be without her!

- A.K.

Brides of Ecstasy​ !

"He'd Been Waiting All His Life for What Kari Taught Us!"

A Lifetime of Ecstasy!  (Erotic) Bachelorette Party 


 Awakening the Divine Feminine! (Sensual)/Bridal Shower